Friday, August 19, 2011

WEE 0819111750: a good dip

started reading raymond alikpala's book as i lounged by the pool. iphone was playing my fave new age music. dipped in the pool when the clouds covered the afternoon sun. a few laps. i was the only one in the pool. feeling quite likea lone goldfish in a fishbowl. lol.

no sunset. sun covered by hills and clouds. continued my reading after the swim. my mind relaxing now. the only problem - kenny rogers in the background. the music, not the food.

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raymondalikpala said...

Thanks for the plug. Hope to hear back from you soon :-)

closet case said...

the author reads! wow! its a half-baked plug. i didnt know if i could mention the name of the book! i love it. keeping me company as i take this break!