Friday, August 19, 2011

its been a year

literally my prince charming, he is. swept me off my feet when i least expected it. may be that's the key. do not expect. and be caught by the most pleasant of surprises.

how could i expect? how could i even think of relationship and grindr in the same sentence? and there is no judgment there at all. i got hooked on grindr, literally and figuratively. i was having fun with the mystery of talking torsos and the promise of hot sex. and some of them turned out pretty well. i got my ego boost, too. grindr was hook up central. and i am so grateful.

so when i saw this uber-handsome face (as opposed to torso!) on a profile, it was just going to be another hot encounter.

the more we chatted, the more i realized that this cutie was... different. there were a lot of things in common, another surprise considering his age, and mine! and even if there was some flirting, the conversations were progressing in deeper ways.

and i found myself falling, though i was still resisting. and his ambiguous behavior just fuelled the fire. is he or is he Not into me? honestly, i couldnt tell. but the attraction was enough for me to take my chances and declare my intentions and my growing feelings for him.

pleasant surprise, too, when he reciprocated. when he felt similarly about the direction this was taking.

and hearing him tell me that he loves me, finally, was the best surprise. why was i surprised? i didnt expect it to happen then. i thought his feelings were still developing. little did i know...

is this going to be ending with a simplistic lesson of not expecting? no. because in retrospect, it can never be that simple. i wish i could tell all the lonely hearts out there to not expect and just be pleasantly surprised. but it is so human to expect.

so no lessons here. just a grateful, kilig pa rin recount of one year ago.

here's to one year, prince charming. many, many more in store.

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raymondalikpala said...

Happy for you cc! Believe...

Sean said...


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

wow.... yiheeee.... ang sweet! :D

Drama King said...

Ang kilig naman nito CC! Congrats sa inyo! :)

Anonymous said...

CC, we've chatted in grindr too a couple of times, and I've always been a fan of the blog. Albeit being mum about it until now. I too met my Howe in grindr. Hahaha. And we too have a considerable number of years in between. Cheers to us.