Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost Forgotten

Has it really been five years now?

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I missed my blog anniversary by a day. It was yesterday when this blog turned 5. If I hadn't read a blog post from discreet manila, I wouldn't have remembered. I knew it was sometime March. But I always thought it was somewhere middle of the month.

Five. This is reason to celebrate. Let's have a grand EB. KIDDING.

A raider-friend told me to set that up. But I still hesitate. I'm shy kasi, eh. LOL. Honestly, I'd love to meet more raiders but I really don't know how to set it up. Or I'm scared to find out only 3 or 4 people would show up. HAHAHA. Besides, I AM supposed to be an anonymous blogger. But I'm hardly anonymous now with the number of raiders who actually know me personally.

I'll park that topic.

Five. and Three Relationships. and X no. of escapades. LOL

More than my FB account, this blog has seen my status change more times. A raider I met told me he classified the blog as a 'sex blog'. HAHAHA. I have to admit that. That was the direction. And I'm continuing this, in a sense, with the fictional stories of Lucas. Hango sa mga karanasan sa tunay na buhay. A jumble of memories and fantasies actually. I remember a book I read in the 80's - The Sexual Criminal. The main character was a super-duper sexually active gay man. And though I can't remember the plot anymore, I remember the sex stories. LOL. I guess that is where I want to take Lucas. Let Lucas have all the sex now. Not me. hahaha.

Five. 1,115 posts. 342 followers. 323,534 pageviews since.

What I love about blogs is the relative immortality of all that is written there. Posts live on and on in cyberspace. And sometimes, that actually warps time.

Unlike books or magazines that are bought, read and archived somewhere, blogs and posts remain accessible as long as the blog is up and running. A new raider would stumble upon the blog, perhaps through a post written 3 years ago. (The Enigma series, for example) And he would probably get dis-oriented. And intimidated that he has so much post-reading to catch up on. So I still get comments asking about that relationship or my status. The chronology of sequential posts may get lost. But such is the nature of blogs. And I get the idea that there is actually some fun trying to unravel and figure out.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, corpcloset.blogspot.com!


canonista said...

Happy birthday to your blog!

shenanigans said...

happy birthday to your blog! :)

Justin said...

Happy Anniversary! :D

the green breaker said...

congrats CC for making it five years! :)

Anonymous said...

happy bday!!! looking forward to more interesting aricles

Anonymous said...

congrats cc,

your secret admirer :)