Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Certain Sadness

He is much too young.

Big, ugly science words. Lymphoma. Or Leukemia.

I blame Miggs for making us meet 8 or 9 years ago. Him and his advocacies. Back then, before TLY or Golden Gays, Miggs was a story-teller for kids in halfway home. And he organized a field trip for the kids to visit a candy factory and watch Disney on ice. He called on friends to help manage the kids. By chance, Angelito was assigned to me. I was Big Brother. Or Miss Universe candidate. Whatever pleases you. And we bonded that entire day.

He told me before the goodbyes that he was so happy. And that he wishes he could have fun with me everyday. And that he'd see me again. Because many of those who visit them they never see again.

I promised that I would be back. And I did. And I got to meet all the other brothers and sisters staying at the halfway home. I saw him grow from little boy of 6 or 7, to a teener, though still short for his age now of 15.

And now the doctors tell me he may have either of those Big, Ugly science words.

Little Angel is just too young.

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