Friday, March 23, 2012


My ECU (executive check-up) results came in the other week. As part of protocol, my attending physician is supposed to discuss the results with me. It helped that she was my classmate in college. Hahaha So I felt very comfortable with her. And also very proud because she is doing very well, looking really beautiful and prosperous! What a transformation, actually!

Anyway, most of the results were unremarkable, even impressive. At my age, anyway. hehe. Two things just worth discussing with me. Something about my CBC showed some infection I must have had that time. Though I didnt feel any symptoms. Even my prostate seemed to be healthy (without going through the digital rectal exam).

And the other was a finding on my 2D echocardiogram: an incidental note of "interatrial aneurysm". She told me to consult with my cardiologist about it, though not wanting to sound alarmed. Hmm. should I be concerned?

Typical of the patient of the 21st century, I googled the darn thing. And though it sounds really scary, the incidence is quite common. And though it could lead to serious consequences (an embolism), that was quite rare. Even my dad didn't think much about it.

But nevertheless, just to be sure, I consulted with my cardiologist. And this morning, after that consultation, I have just been given a true clean bill of health. WHEW!

So all that diet and exercise made me lose weight AND fit and healthy.

To dampen spirits a bit, the other week saw the passing away of a colleague of mine, at the youngish age of 53yo. And that death (of cardiac arrest) is made more remarkable because her heart condition was not detected. This is one woman who believed supremely in regular check-ups and sticking to therapy regimens. Her last ECU was late last year, I believe, and she was diagnosed with possible kidney stones. Her heart condition was not even in the radar.

Her death jolted me. The tests are never 100% accurate. And despite such glowing results, the tests could not be so comprehensive to cover all that I can possibly be having.

There will always be that chance that I may not be so healthy after all.

BUT such is life. There are no guarantees. Going through that ECU still shows me that odds are with me, not against me. The risks may be there, but these seem to be smaller. And I can only continue what I am doing.

So here's to health and life. Cheers!

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