Monday, March 26, 2012


"Just paint whatever you want with CC in mind." that was the instruction.

The painter, the artist had that quizzical look on his face. He would have rather I told him what I'd like him to paint. But honestly, I also had no idea. Since he is familiar with the blog, he must have some concept of CC somewhere.

He told me through the networks that he has been a raider. And while looking at his instagram photos, I found out that he paints as a hobby. I got excited with what I saw. I asked him if he accepts 'commissioned work.' And for how much.

He was so kind not to charge me anything for painting. "Just buy the materials I would need" was his kind instruction.

He blogs, too. And he posts some of his sketches there (well, during the early days of his blog). But now I see him more in Instagram. He is quite a looker, and his photos prove it. No wonder he has tons of followers :)

And in person, the looks don't disappoint. We went to National Bookstore to buy the materials. I told him what color scheme best fits my humble abode. He picked the range of paints to be used.

After a few weeks, I finally got my painting. And I am just blown away.

The painting now adorns my living/dining area. Though pc thinks it should occupy the study area. The colors are vivid. The brush strokes heavy. He calls it "Corners".

This is the detail of one corner:

And the other:

What do you think is he communicating about CC through his painting?

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tipz said...

it seems to depict the struggle of personality or a clash in belief (being in the closet?, catholic faith). the conflict further highlighted by the personas put in opposite corners. One persona is awake with mouth agape seemingly in protest, while the other is at rest, suspended - waiting.

--and yes, it seems more appropriate to put this in the study area

JapaneseAdobo said...

gee! thanks for dedicating a post for this... my pleasure working for the great cc!hehehehe... see u again soon

Anonymous said...

Hey CC, nice painting and a nice conversation piece too. I'd like to have one that I can put in my bedroom, been looking for a pinoy artist that I can commission to make a painting for me. Hope you can refer me to the artist. Thanks. Will wait for your reply. Ralph.