Wednesday, March 21, 2012

quickie: asexual

libog has dried up for me. been weeks now. andropause?

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Frank Tan said...

you're not frustrated over it? how does PC react?

Anonymous said...

There are no asexual people, only lousy sex partners. Ü

Meet up? Ü


Victor Saudad said...

maybe you're just preoccupied with more pressing matters.

Anonymous said...

i almost blew off my coffee when i read the "meet up" comment. Hahaha! me too, i think i have dried up. work and stress might be the culprit. take a long vacation to regenerate the lost libido. :-)

-M of ChapterTwo

chink said...

andropause - most probably, but hey, according to you, you've got a healthy body, a wonderful partner, and how did you put it in the fabcast..."basta ako mayaman" what's waning libog compared to a great life :-)