Sunday, March 4, 2012

Whats Up With That

Facebook and its precursor, Friendster, opened up a non-threatening way of meeting new people, and potential mates (bed or otherwise). Non-threatening because being on a totally meet-up or dating site like Grindr could be intimidating. FB's 'friendly' countenance allows for less direct expressed intentions (and stalking, too).

So for my personal accounts/profiles, I was open to meeting new friends on a totally online basis. Of course there is an inherent 'trust' that people are real and honest on such sites. (And this trust has been broken, nay, smashed by people like Mr. Ripley. But that's an old story.)

I would assume that only PLUs would be interested in me because of my PLU profile. Whenever I get "requests to be added", which are few and far between, these guys must be gay. This is usually confirmed by the number of mutual friends we have. And some of these would have the requisite naked torso shot.

So when online conversations start, I file such 'acquaintances' under the 'pink'

But on a few occasions, I have had requests coming from straight guys. Or supposedly straight guys. The conversations are neutered. And there is no reference to anything pink (malate? - sorry, dont know that. club bath? - what's that? Shamcey Supsup? - a Lucky Me variant?) And that just baffles me. Are these guys just hiding their identities? Or are they still at denial stage? Bi-curious? Or are they really straight?

Could there really be straight guys out there who would want to 'befriend' me in true male bonding fashion?

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Anonymous said...

I like that photo, CC.

Happy anniversary to your blog. May there be five or more years to come. Keep blogging.