Thursday, March 22, 2012

asexual. clarified.

Some comments got me thinking that i need to clarify where that quickie came from.
Warning, though. This may be TMI for you. Feel free to move on to another blog.

Even with an active sex life, with or without a partner, I have an active personal sex life. I'm not into porn as much. I don't even have a collection anymore. The only site I visit from time to time is manhunt daily. And I don't even really get turned on to the point of erection and orgasm when I view the pics there.

I jerk off mostly based on horniness. I just feel horny. Sometimes, I'm taking a shower and the repeated soaping of my groin starts to turn me on. And sometimes, I'm just looking at myself in the mirror and I get turned on.

When I am jerking off, I usually continue to stimulate my imagination with memories of hot encounters. I have some memorable encounters of being blown, of being seduced, of being groped. And as I build up to an orgasm, I fantasize the scene over and over again.

(But there was a time I would really be turned on by porn. Rather than being stimulated by new porn, I'm the type to keep on going back to the same scenes, the same actors, the same films. And I would pace my stroking so I would come at the same time these guys would. Sometimes, my cock would be so hard and swollen and even almost painful for waiting all that time. Yeah, I tend to come fast.)

But it's been weeks since that has happened. Alone, I haven't been turned on enough to jerk myself off. Libido is just not there.

But when partner is here, that's a different story. I have no problem getting turned on by what we do. And I come explosively. I guess because it's been 'saved up'.

So thanks for the comments (and offers). As the cliche goes, it's not you, it's me. LOL

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joelmcvie said...

So bored ka lang pala sa "the usual" that's outside of PC. Ayun.

Ang tawag doon hindi "andropause" kundi "let's pause from the usual." =)

Victor Saudad said...

i've been relying on porn lately in getting myself turned on.

for the lack of someone.