Thursday, March 8, 2012

quickie: cc at illy

I love illy coffee. and as i was buying at the counter, I was beside this foreigner, a lady, having a cup of espresso.

"You drink doppio?" she asks. I detect an Italian accent.

"Yes, I need all the caffeine I can get." I answered and smiled.

"I used to drink 15 cups of espresso a day." she continues. "But it is down to two to three cups now."

"Of course, you must be Italian!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, But the expresso we have there is much thicker. And the crema is full and thick. This is a bit watery. I think you Filipinos like it this way."

"Hahaha, I guess brewed coffee-drinking is a fairly recent thing for us. We are still learning."

"How do you find the espresso, Ma'am?" the barista asks.

"Well, a little too watery. But is okay. Illy is good." she answers.

My love for Illy just got reinforced.

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serial said...

its the best coffee ever!

serial said...

illy is the best coffee ever! Yeah, espresso in Italy is a lot thicker and richer without being too bitter.

chink said...

at last, someone who appreciates l'amara vita...although i cannot share with you your appreciation of illy (because it does not fall on the value for money category), i love the bitter taste that an azzuro vero espresso brings to the palette. its a pity that the selection of lavazza is very limited in the philippines, they have splendid beans as well. i recommend the nespresso machine and capsules. i personally like the ristretto and decaffenato lungo. you can have it at the luxury of your home and without the horrendous prices (even if imported from hongkong) cheers to a real coffee drinker :-P