Monday, May 28, 2012

cc quickie: moody

I'm not my perky self this morning. A 'mood' is washing over me. I'm preferring to be quiet even as everybody else seems to be in high spirits. I'm irritable. (Darn. Why did he change the f**king a/c swing direction?)

What set it off? Is it something external really? Or do my moods just happen? Internal? Glandular? Hormonal?

I want to plot these moods and look for patterns.

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rudeboy said...

Moods, by their nature, are largely fickle.

Sometimes external stimuli can swing a mood one way; sometimes the stimulus is internal.

What I find maddening is when you can't exactly put a finger on what's causing your mood swings. But yes, you can plot moods and discover patterns. Having done that, you're in a better position to manage your emotions.