Friday, May 4, 2012

IJ Case 18: Ace Water Spa

I've been searching for a swimming pool to call home.

I believe firmly in the calorie-burning potential of swimming as exercise. And I am not referring to penguin-style wading by the sidelines waiting for fish. LOL. It probably is the best exercise because it is quite difficult to learn well. Meaning being able to do laps across the pool.

Years back, I studied swimming at Amoranto. But I couldn't sustain that. There were too many people especially during summer. I was able to learn the basic freestyle, which was what I needed as an exercise.

I'm still able to swim freestyle but with so much effort. It really is difficult for me to get it right. The mastery of coordination of breathing, paddling and leg movement. Hay. But I can't ignore swimming if I wanted to maintain my fitness level and burn calories. There is no impact on my knees, my back, unlike running, and even stationary biking.

So I go back to looking for the pool for me: decent length, good for lapping, preferably indoor, a bit more exclusive so one could be spared skin disease (though that is not a guarantee),

I've heard about Ace Hydromassage years ago. But I was never attracted to its DIY massage (do it yourself, hehe). But I decided to check it out again when I found out it does have a lap pool and they opened a branch in Pasig (nearer my residence). I visited on a public holiday. And it seemed like pandemonium out there. (Visitors can view the entire facility just like an aquarium. So open!)

I finally had the chance to try the facilities yesterday. They are strict about swimming attire. Speedoes please. And no underwear under that! And the swim caps for everybody. And all these rules are laminated and plastered all over the complex. The place itself is huge. And despite the P550 price tag, there were a lot of people. They even offer buffet lunch and dinner (separate price, of course).

The place is very clean and sanitized.. It smells so chlorinated. And very orderly, too. Towels go in the rack (you don't go around with your towel wrapped around you). And swim caps everytime you dip in the pool (Ah yeah, I mentioned that previously. hehe)

Hada potential: Low to very low. There are attendants and lifeguards everywhere. And the pools are for everybody's viewing pleasure. Even the locker areas is one open space. No hidden areas or dark corners. LOL

But one gets a nice view of bulges and from time to time, even really buff bodies and pretty faces. Don't get your hopes up, though. I just bet you'll see more 'regular people': kids, ladies in their athletic looking swimwear and potbellies. :-)

But if you are into DIY massage, try it. And the pools are indoor, temperature-controlled. Perfect for all-weather swimming.

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Lone wolf Milch said...

nice i would love to swim there someday.

Anonymous said...

dear god, ang daming bata doon. napaka gp ng place na ito, please naman dalin na lang sa ibang lugar ang mga ganitong kababalaghan.

Anonymous said...

hi :) i would just like to ask if the boys are separated from the girls at ACE? like in wensha.thanks

Anonymous said...

Hate this hada potential.period