Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jay and Matt

This is a friend's story. His name is Jay. Jay is an accomplished professional, very comfortable in life. He has had a few great loves in his past, including a lady he almost married. But he was happy with how his life. had turned pink and gay. No regrets in his more than 4 decades or existence.

It happened during one ordinary weekday, in one ordinary fastfood branch. And it wasn't even a branch he frequented. He simply had to eat breakfast and that was the one most convenient then.

It was one of the larger branches, one that would close of certain dining areas if the crowd wasn't too large yet. But the forceful personality that Jay is, he demanded to be seated in the closed-off section, to enjoy some semblance of solitude in the morning as he read the dailies.

He noticed Matt as Matt passed by, bringing his own sinangag meal to some vacant table. And Matt noticed him, too, and smiled. Quite forward, Jay thought to himself. And he tried to concentrate on the news of the day, he couldn't help but glance at the tall and attractive young man, also glancing his way. Finally, Matt asked to join him for breakfast, and their moment was born.

Matt was about to finish his seaman studies. And Jay's appearance in his life could not have been more auspicious. Jay helped him, filling up his rented bedroom with furniture and appliances. They would meet once or twice a month, in between the times Matt would go home to the province. And the 'relationship' went on, sustained with nice, fun moments spent together.

Soon, Matt got his contract for a cruise liner. And Jay helped him manage his finances and remittances. After a year, Jay again assisted in his purchase of property for his family, something he wouldn't have managed on his own. It would be Jay who would coordinate for the monthl amortizations, as he was the one virtually managing Matt's accounts.

Curiously though, Jay never introduced Matt to his friends. The relationship
he kept to himself, even as his friends would ask incessantly whether he was dating or seeing anybody. He maintained to most everybody that he was single, and Jay sensed that.

During one vacation in Manila, Jay took Matt to Boracay, his first time ever to visit the famed island. Jay was looking forward to spending four wonderful days together, planning the usual tours and trips.

But on day one of the trip, strain started to show. Jay was annoyed with the way Matt seemed to have his face buried in his cellphone all the time, texting. And the conversations that they would have would be about the nigh scene, the bars. It didn't seem like Matt was interested in sleeping at all.

Knowing that it was his first time, Jay graciously agreed to do the bar scene for the first two nights. But on the third and last night, Matt was still asking to go out. Jay put his foot down and decided to sleep early. Matt hesitantly agreed. But in the middle of the night, Jay sneaked out to do the party scene one last night, even as Jay pretended to sleep.

He returned at 4am, and was startled to see Jay awake. "I just had a few drinks." was what Matt blurted out, even before Jay could even ask anything. And as he was changing into sleep clothes, a slip of paper fell. A guy's number.

"That's nothing. Just a guy who gave me his number." Again, Jay was just silent the entire time, Only his eyes were shouting his pain and anger. And he stopped talking to him for the remainder of the sorry trip.

Jay kept his distance since then. Matt kept on calling and texting. Jay chose to back off for the time being. And just as he was about to relent, he decides to google Matt's name. Then he saw the pictures of him on another person's blog. His dear Matt's belly was pillow to another guy, taking their picture together. And with no offense to that other guy, all he saw was an older, decrepit fag.

A blog post dedicated to Matt. Of the sweet times spent. During that time he was going out with him. At the same time. He felt blood drained from his face. "Two-timing bastard" words that formed in his head. Immediately he called Matt for an explanation.

At first there was denial. But eventually, Matt broke down and told him everything. Yes, a well-off fag he became involved with. He needed money then, before his first trip. And he didnt want to borrow from Jay. blah Blah blah. How often has this happened? Jay asked. Not often. From time to time. "A fucking prostitute" lingered in his mind. He was having relations with a male prostitute all this time.

Swiftly, Jay ended everything. He just pulled the plug. He got all his appliances and furniture. And walked away.

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jason said...

So, what's the point? :-)

Twelth Curators said...

You win, you lose. Life's not an insured, risk-free option.

Walk away and hope again for the best. Maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe.

And good luck to you, kid, you deserve to be happy.

rudeboy said...

"A blog post dedicated to Matt."

But why are you the one doing the dedicating?

You wouldn't be "Jay", now would you?

Anonymous said...

i hope matt would be sexually safe. he would never know if his partner in the current time is not only a two-time-bloody fucking bastard, maybe more.