Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gays Under Attack I

Are we under attack? Or our lifestyle? Or our love choices?

I honestly never thought of it that way. Until McVie mentioned it, while deciding on the Fabcast topic.

I played host again. I miss having them and the Peanut Gallery around. Every time we get together to do a Fabcast, it's a mini-party! And they helped by providing all the food. And they didn't mind the paper plates. Didn't want to overburden the help. Besides, I was scheduled to leave by 2am for an early morning flight.

So we had barbeque, lumpia, lumpiang shanghai, chicken, pancit, cake! And wine!

Aaaaalcohol. My undoing! I had a glass too many. My head was spinning when I was supposed to be sleeping. Headache. The worst feeling while preparing to leave for the airport. Zombie-mode on.

But I particularly love this Fabcast. It actually turned quite sensible. Eventually. Hehehe. Enjoy Part 1.

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Music credits:

"Children" by Grooveaholics
"Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak
"Miss Clare Remembers" by Enya
"Mad World" by Tears For Fears

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shenanigans said...

ay! nagulat ako tapos na. bitin :(

*sorry na doble. hihi!