Monday, May 21, 2012

taking life into your own hands

I found out recently that somebody I met a few months back took his own life.  He was a blogger though I never read any of his posts till after I found about the tragic end.  And when I did, I was this bundle of mixed emotions.  He wrote brilliantly.  Wonderful prose.  Vivid.  Compelling.  But during the past months, the posts were all about the slow descent into depression.  How could anyone have missed his cries for help?

The irony of it all.  This wired world allows us to link with people from everywhere.  And I would have thought that made for an instant support system that would have prevented us from feeling alone and alienated.  Yet, it didn't.  Not for him.  Although he continued to be 'connected' to the very end, he actually wasn't.  The wired world was simply a medium for him to express his dark thoughts and feelings.
A one-way channel. To erasing himself from this thankless existence.

And I could still feel the hopelessness.  And the pain.  


Mugen said...

And his final words were. "See you on the other side."

Maybe there, he will find his peace.

rudeboy said...

Who died?

Anonymous said...

Very sad. Ano ang blog nya?

Aristotle said...

very sad indeed.

CC- I have just started blogging too I hope you don't mind that I'll plug it here: