Thursday, February 5, 2009

applause, applause

this is national TV.

this is wowowee.

this is gay love broadcast nationwide. and even globally via u-tube.

teh, ganda mo!


Ming Meows said...

i've watched that. wrong choice of song.

Anonymous said...

how sweet. they are both so brave to come out on national tv. i wish more closet gays will have the same courage. most gays in pinas are still so scrared to be themselves.

Ming Meows said...

keri mo ba cc mag-ganyan?

ethan h said...

Surprising that there was an absence of crass or condescending remarks from Willie. I won't be surprised if someone will file a complaint with MTRCB for this episode.

mavey said...

errr ... i must get tony to translate

fenestrations said...

got teary-eyed while watching this. buti pa sila.

rOckY said...

despite the exploitation-y nature of Wowowee, this was kinda cute.

And then Willie decided to talk again and try to out other people.

Oh Philippine television.

thebaklareview said...

it was so not cool the way he forced that other guy to come out.

closet case said...

M_M: di ko keri, ever. =(

anonymous 1: they deserve applause, esp the partner!

ethan h: maybe willie was caught offguard with the declaration of love?

mavey: yes, lobster should translate. or you better get that dictionary!

fenestrations: it was a sweet testimony of love. would you?

rocky & tbr: it would be totally so un-Willy if he didnt do something as uncool as outing, di ba?