Wednesday, February 4, 2009

its my birthmonth

i wanted my birthmonth to be special from day one to the last. unfortunately, ive been so immersed with work, i couldnt even begin to celebrate it. sigh.

on another note, it's really just another line on the forehead, another crease in the eyelids. =)


Flipping Felipe said...

That another line on your forehead means another number on your hotness level. Hihihihi. Happy birth, uhm, month! :D

Anonymous said...


Crazy TL said...

when is your birthday cc?

closet case said...

hiya flip! i wish everybody agrees with you! thanks!

thanks, anonymous one!

end of the month, tl!

neo said...

cool... we're in a same month.

advance happy birthday ;-)

Ming Meows said...

i second the motion @ff

in fairness bagay naman sayo ang agelines. it will turn you into a hot daddy. dilf! yum yum

have a great B month!

from your online stalker

Anonymous said...

happy birthmonth!!!it is my birthmonth too. i wish i'm not so vain but i hate lines and creases.

RG-boy said...

mmmm. sa buwan ng pagibig ka pala pinanganak.

kaya pala punom-puno ka ng pagmamahal.


happy birthda..... birthmonth!

lav yah kuya!

richard said...

feb. rin ang birth month ko. No wonder we both love love. =)

ethan h said...

Same birth month here.

closet case said...

ang saya-saya! dami pala nating pebrero!!! happy birthday sa inyo, richard, ethan, and anonymous one!

salamat rg. pa kiss, pare