Sunday, February 8, 2009

single for a year!

indulge me, people. =)

yesterday marked the 1st year death anniversary of cc & partner. there has been much grieving in the past year. but cc has moved on. he looks back at the relationship with bittersweet memories. he misses much of the first 5 years. but he still remembers the pain and the anger of discovering their two-year relationship then. he is aware that they have now declared themselves a couple. and cc feels relieved that they have finally owned up to the love they have shared.

he lays the flowers on the tombstone. and looks at the beautiful sky. he knows that all that had happened was for the better, despite the hurt. he remains hopeful that one day, he'll experience that wonderful feeling of love and loving and being loved. and as he surveys the empty cemetery, he realizes that there is so much beauty in serenity. that peace resides here. as it resides in cc's heart.

and ive managed to stay commitment-free for one whole year. despite the temptation to fall immediately into the arms of another, ive held up and said - not yet. and i give myself a pat on the back for that!

it was fitting that yesterday was the fabcasters' party. and our family continues to expand. a lot of new faces there. yet when they mention their blogs, their handles, there is that instant bonding, recognition of shared pixels and fonts. and the camaraderie was all around.

there were a lot of news, too. of newly-singular statuses. most were met with delight, for 'to be single is to be sexy', much to the chagrin of mgg! =) food was overflowing, alcohol experienced a momentary drought. but the flirtations and positionings were all there, too.

a few caught my fancy. but i didnt think i caught theirs. hahaha. but i had much, much fun as always!

congratulations, mcvie for putting it together, your first as fabcasters' resident connector!


Ming Meows said...

beyonce's hit is in good timing

closet case said...

all the single ladies in the house!!!

london boy said...

i'm glad to hear that you had a good day!

joelmcvie said...

Thanks to your pancit and (delicious!) barbeque too, CC.

Really, there were flirtations and positionings that night? Gee, only you guys have all the fun.

Misterhubs said...

Yes. Single is the new sexy. :-)

closet case said...

hey london boy! aint the same without you!

im glad you enjoyed the food, mcvie! well i had just a bit of it. i loved watching it though! hahaha

hey misterhubs. im honored to receive a comment! i think you epitomize this. =)

RG-boy said...

good to see you again kuya.

kagabi po ay umuulan ng mga naglalakihang muscles ang bisita ng fabcasters.

sarap sana pisil-pisilin ng mga muscles.

lalo na sa kuya kong si cc. kaya lang incest. kaya inakap na lang kita ng brotherly hug.


palma tayona said...

'tis quite nice to put a face behind the blogger, particularly this blog. :-)


closet case said...

hey rg boy, kung pisil-pisil lang naman, di naman siguro labag sa sampung utos yan! hehe brotherly kiss sabay hug dapat

hello palma tayona! hahaha, was hoping to remain just another blog with no face. hehe thanks! nice meeting you, esteemed one!