Sunday, February 8, 2009

ze musical

cc is becoming more cultured. hehe. yesterday, it was my first time to see zsa zsa zaturnnah, ze musical. (this time, it's really a musical) i missed all the previous runs, despite the great reviews and the left-out feeling when friends would talk about it.

i watched the matinee with eula, tuxqs, nar and lauren in the cast. and boy did i have fun! easily, the wit and humor came from didi, played wonderfully by this very young nar cabico. and lauren as dodong gave the musical sizzle. (and me a hard-on. harhar)

there were really nice songs, with nice lyrics, beautifully performed by eula, tuxqs and the rest of the cast. i like the 'high school-ish' set, the one that required some imagination for transformation. =)

eula really is a sight. she is truly a talented celebrity who had no qualms about doing the split, camping it out on stage. and she had a great voice to boot. having read the comicbook first, i had this notion of how ada should look. and tuxqs was it. the manang with the 70's look is perfect. lauren is hot, lauren is sexy, lauren lacks voice projection and comedic timing. and i had this feeling that he was still embarrassed to dance during the first part, his virtual intro. di siya give na give magsayaw. that was a let-down, honestly. because everybody else was all-out.

nar has presence, perfect timing and moves very well on stage. he had the best lines delivered very clearly. and certainly, the pop references have been updated (including bebe gandanghari!). he showed confidence throughout the show. much more to expect from him!

downside. well i felt that the musical peaked early. the first part was much more fun, with more engaging numbers. the 2nd part was full of the drama songs and i started to yawn. in other plays and musicals ive watched, the build-up is sustained from 1st to 2nd part.

and i hate ccp little theater acoustics. the darn speaker on the left kept failing! ASUS! i couldnt always hear the dialogue. hay.

nevertheless, im happy i've finally gotten around to watching this! people i was with have seen it at least 3x. so this is one musical that invites addiction. hehe

catch it, people!


Ming Meows said...

di ako makarelate...i hope i can watch this in my lifetime

closet case said...

i hope you can, m_m. it's really nice!

Anonymous said...


i am a lurker of your blog.
zsa zsa z. was great! its a good thing i don't have to sing "multo ng kahapon" myself.

have a good day!


closet case said...

thanks lurking twisted hat! glad you dont have to sing that sad song...