Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lost in storck

"wait a minute, cc... ill just get something..." he whispered as he broke the embrace.

i like early morning delight. i love that half-awake consciousness, as i experience someone's tight mouth. a part of you struggles to stay asleep and another half is just lost in the moment. and that early morning hard-on is just raring to shoot.

he comes back, gets under the covers and proceeds to give me a mouthjob. and then i feel the menthol. he had both the menthol candy and my junior in his oral cavity.

im suddenly transported to my childhood, reading the soft-porn classic 'the other side of midnight'. that book got me so turned on with the graphic descriptions of noelle's (one of the leads) sex adventures, particularly with a movie director (if i remember it right). to make him wild, noelle swallows an ice cube and performs oral sex. the director is in complete ecstasy.

ive always wanted to try it then, to some willing victim. hoping to be hailed as a 'performer par excellence'. i never got to.

and now im on the receiving end. i look at cuba but only see the bobbing tent, for he remains under the blanket as he concentrates.

this feels soooooo good.


MkSurf8 said...

try the listerine strips too. ecstacy! ;-)

closet case said...

hi mk. too bad the product aint available here no more! =(

Ming Meows said...

i miss the storck candy. its better than snowbear.