Monday, February 9, 2009

a new blog from someone i know

someone's got a blog
somebody i know
he didnt want to brag
he didnt want to show

chanced upon the site
and read one of the posts
and felt it was my right
to know if i could boast

text him is what i did
and wrote there his song
pleasantly surprised he seemed
and said i knew all along

to the queen i should go
to hug a dear friend
this new blogger you should know
encourage him no end

londonboy, i thank you
sweet you always will be
i always miss you
and your wonderful company

sus i feel like im in high school with my crappy poetry.
but seriously, do read the blog =)

1 comment:

Ming Meows said...

at dito nagsimula ang pag-iibigang CC at CA/LB..