Thursday, July 7, 2011


a new acquaintance, a former date of a friend, started being friendly. we bumped into each other at a coffee shop. and he asked that i join him for a while. he was nice and inquisitive, especially about my relationship now. well, he seems like a newbie in the scene.

soon he was texting regularly. nangungulit lang sa text a hello here, a joke there. and he would ask more questions about my relationships. i started to feel that he was flirting with me. he found my fb profile and was commenting about the body pics. hmmm. i do admit, though, that it was flattering thinking i was being admired.

but when he started asking for dinner and coffee, i felt that this was not going the friendship way. so i talked to him, quite seriously.

hey. i want to tell you something.

wow. so serious. shoot. teka, are you about to shoo me away?

its just that im feeling uncomfortable na with the way things are turning out. i'm avoiding going out with you, thinking you might misinterpret.

(laughs aloud) hey! chill lang! dont be too serious! i'm just having fun with you. i know you might be thinking that i'm into you. it's not that! i'm just teasing. i'm no home wrecker. (laughs some more)

ah.. ok.. it's just that i thought... (embarrassed)... i'm sorry i thought that you wanted to go out on a date and i don't think its proper

i just want to really get to know you better, i mean, just be friends and all. i've got one of my own, a family man. i'm just glad to have met you and would like you, including your partner, to be my friend.

oh. ok. sure. yeah, we could be friends! i'm sorry i thought... sige, thanks.

assumptions. so embarrassing. ASSUME - makes an "ass" out of "u" & "me"

i was trying not read to it as flirting. but with the way he asked for dinner & coffee. and his questions about relationships. i ended up assuming anyway. and getting embarrassed at my wrong assumption.

mental note: di dapat maging assumptionista.

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mavey said...

"though more often unprotected"

Gosh, really?!@# SHOCKER!

closet case said...

@mavey i think that was for another post. lol. seriously, yes, i've had irresponsible moments i am not proud of.