Friday, July 1, 2011

a pc situationer

ive read some emails wondering if im still single. i thought i had communicated my 'doubled' status quote clearly. and then i realized that it has been a while since i have even mentioned pc in any posts.

pc is a very private person, though he used to blog himself when there were just a handful of pinoy bloggers. so i hesitate to just divulge our life carelessly. and more importantly, my life attached is quite uneventful, compared to my single life.

we are both quite busy, him with his studies. we meet twice a week, one of which would be a saturday. when we hang out here at home, it is usually to catch up on movies and glee. pc is usually updated with movies but he doesnt mind watching some good ones again! i bought the bluray of LOTR extended releases recently. so we have hours and hours of watching to do.

we do the malling bit, too. and dining out. he likes introducing me to restos he enjoys. and he has such fine-tuned taste buds and fantastic memory. so its truffle pasta at bizu, lobster at old manila, and putanesca at caruso, for example.

of course, nothing beats my mom's cooking, so he looks forward to dinners with my folks. and he has endeared himself to them with his varied stories from readings and travel. from time to time, we would just hang out at roof deck and drink some wine and listen to music.

the old soul that pc is, he re-acquainted me with reading and classical music, including opera. and because of his influence, im attempting to reach those tenor notes!

do we fight? we have our tampuhans. we once had this loong conversation over the phone. but it wasnt getting heated. debating was more like it.

soon it will be one year. and when i look back at those emo times, i just smile or even laugh. i am blessed to have been given another chance at love. and im making sure i treasure this chance well.

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AJ said...

I'm happy for you both! And my mom agrees with me that you make a great couple. She's fascinated by you guys. And yes, we talk about you. Haha.

mavey said...

yes ... for a while i was also wondering about your status although i know you are happily married but you never seem to mention your other half.

i really think he is a great guy even though i have never met him. cherish what you have. and yes i am jealous.

closet case said...

@aj kapatid, thanks so much! and to your mom, too! i love her and love you, too! pc and i will visit soon!

@mavey awww i wanna hug you!