Thursday, July 28, 2011

diva cinema

it started when pc downloaded 'burlesque'. and while the plot is really thin, the acting pathetic, it starred two divas: the lola and the apo, cher and christina aguilera. and being a musical, they both showcased their vocal chords. i was seized with the idea of a diva film festival. just a movie each for some divas in my top-of-mind.

dreamgirls i watched long ago. but the film remains fresh in my memory. because of the way they shamelessly morphed beyonce into a diana ross wannabe.

so that led me to download 'mahogany'. i never watched it before. but ive always wanted to. i knew it had something to do with fashion. and diana was simply stunning as a fashion model. the movie scene i remembered was her being stripped by some man in a tux.

so finally i got to watch it. and i wouldnt't exactly rave about. diana was thin, physically and as an actress there. but the fashion was fabulous. and yes, this was beyonce's look inspiration. the best part is still the theme song 'do you know where you're going to'

fast-forward to my idol, la madonna in her first feature film. i remember being star-struck when i first watched 'desperately seeking susan'. and to think this was filmed when she wasn't diva-esque yet. the director was so lucky to sign her up just a few months before she shot to superstardom. she probably didnt even try to act here. she was just being herself. when she attempted acting eventually, it became a disaster. with this film, she immortalized her eighties trash look. and of course, the national anthem 'into the groove' was the icing on the cake,

finally, i end with the barbra streisand. she has acted (and won) in many films years back. but i had always been curious about 'a star is born'. so i chose this, during her disco-rock-frizzy period. the film a lot of people may have forgotten. but the song is a 'mellow touch' staple - 'evergreen'. and another one which i love even more - 'with one more look at you'. the film is a remake of a judy garland original. and im curious to watch beyonce do this soon.

the genres i covered are very varied. the films i watched are not the shining examples of their acting prowess. id probably watch cher's 'moonstruck', barbra's 'funny girl', 'yentl', madonna's 'evita', 'dick tracy' and diana's 'the wiz' to better appreciate their acting, and relive the music.

but it was certainly fun seeing how big studios cash in on these divas. a poor plot, miserable acting they don't seem to care. a diva in a film brings in an audience base of loyal music fans. that's enough for them, i guess. and you know that they have succeeded if a hit song survives the film.

feel free to suggest other divas and their films that i should add to the list. mariah's 'butterfly' may be up next. :-)

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bienvenidolim said...


Bette Midler- For the Boys and Beaches

JCP said...

La Vie En Rose, CC.
Naiba nang kaunti -- not Edith herself, but (the) Marion Cotillard playing La Mome Piaf. :)

ethan h said...

whitney houston in, what else, the bodyguard. The movie thrashed by critics, big box office success worldwide, and reinvented a career (whitney's) just as people were growing tired. A case study in career reinvention.

Anonymous said...

Glitter by Mariah.. hahaha.. #MaisingitLang

-LunesNinja (don't post this CC.. nooooooooooo)) hahaha