Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sharing an old speech

years back (in 2008, to be exact), i posted something about winning. in that post, i mentioned the speech i delivered as valedictory address during the mba graduation. i felt so great after that speech. it was succinct yet it delivered the right messages. i distinctly remember gibbs asking about the content of that speech. i finally found that document and am reproducing it here, with some minor editing. this is circa 2004.

Honorable members of the _______, blah, blah, blah, Family and Friends, a pleasant and blessed afternoon to all.

A few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to write about my personal journey pursuing an MBA through an executive program. The article, which was featured in the Business World, traced the various emotions I felt during the program: I went from energized to harassed, pressured, competitive, enlightened, burdened, exhilarated, exhausted, to relieved and now, even to nostalgic.

After 22 months, we now hold our diplomas in our hand. We have, in our possession, the signed approval sheets of our SMP’s. We now wear the sash on our right shoulder.

All these are but symbolic of the many, many changes we have undergone in the process. Our companies, our staff, our bosses have witnessed this transformation. We now look at our balance sheets and understand if not appreciate. We scan our environment and see strategic opportunities. We analyze our operations and we look for the value in the activity, the inherent competitive advantage. No matter how much we convince ourselves to the contrary, we are already changed, transformed, maybe even disfigured.

We are back to our respective companies. But it is not back to what it used to be. We are now inflamed with a desire to effect more changes, and create more “value”. For some of us, we are even expanding our circles of influence, lending this new-found talent to our communities, to our trade, civic & religious organizations. We are creating ripples simply because what we now know we cannot keep to ourselves.

So, to our dear institution, we offer no promises. For what the institution had envisioned for its managers, we have actually been doing. For even during the time we were in school, we continued to work for our companies, we continued to create value. But because of the precious knowledge we have gained from this institution, our power to create value has been tremendously increased.

But don’t take my word for it. Come and visit. We invite you to check up on us every now and then. See how we are transforming our companies. See how we ourselves have become the change that we wanted to see. See for yourselves and be proud! For you have done wonderfully, (school name), and we thank you.

i can actually still recreate the feeling of reading it. and remembering the part where i buckled. and how i looked at the audience, and the glare of the lights. it was my defining moment.


Richard Jaravata said...

Super like. Nice speech. Mejo nakakarelate na ako. I am currently studying BBM-MBA in PLM.

closet case said...

@rich good luck in your studies! perseverance pays off!