Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursdays with CC: Pick Your Battles

I have just come from a meeting, a typical one where there would be conflicting opinions. You can really get fired up and argue yourself hoarse. Part of discernment is knowing which battles must be fought and won, which you could afford to lose. You really cannot win them all. Beyond the skill of debate is the skill of picking the battles (and may i say, not just in the board room). Some of the questions I ask myself as I am about to engage: What will victory mean if i win this battle? Who are the people i am engaging? Who are they to me on a longer-term perspective? What are engagements would i possibly have with them in the future? What pay-offs do i see in the horizon if i choose not to engage, or deliberately even concede?

they may win this battle. but the ultimate question is, who wins the war?

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