Monday, July 25, 2011

what is alone time?

my sister and i were conversing. sis: i admire you and ate (our eldest), among us, you guys are so driven. it's like you have to fill each and every second of your schedule with activity! don't you ever feel the need to just slow down and be alone?

knowing my sister, the question was honest. and yes, there was admiration there. for she could never think how she could be so... motivated.

the question struck me. yes, my schedules get pretty filled up. im so piolo, a lagarista. but i keep a lot of schedules for myself. gym time. running. church. voice lessons. blogging. she might think that all i ever think about is work. on the contrary, work stops at 530pm, monday to friday. im no workaholic. i do gym after office. saturdays are with pc. sundays, family and church and running.

but is that what she meant? when i have free time, what do i do with it?

yesterday, i spent the entire day in my home, alone for the most part. the physical interaction with family was during meal times. i had no schedule. i couldn't do my sunday run due to my back pain.

i ended up with the following: after breakfast, i heard Mass. after lunch, i was online. downloading movies. reading tweets and status updates. reacting to some. tranferring files to my new hard drive. then i watched SATC s1,ep1. then took a nap for an hour. then i went through some unlabeled cd's, watched some. practiced singing. after dinner, more online reading. then finished off with star wars V, while reading reports for the office.

is this the alone time she referred to? i certainly felt the physical alone-ness. going online and tweeting and reading, is that counted? or is the alone time she refers to really reflective time? reflection and meditation? hmmm.

my blogging makes me constantly reflective, in a way. there's always a question at the back of my mind whether this could be blogged. so i spend do spend time in my head just thinking.

im curious. what is alone time for you?

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Jep said...

Alone time would be me, in a coffee shop. Writing random thoughts on a notebook that I always carry around with me.

Anonymous said...

alone time for me? sipping my soda at a nearby sari sari store while having a cigarette.