Monday, July 25, 2011

unusually stressful

this day was. deadlines loom in the horizon. meetings and more meetings. my mind was getting awfully tired. but i still had so much thinking to do. yes, thinking and analyzing and deciding. i was feeling all that weigh in on me.

the physical exhaustion of mental exertion. i became that bitch again. snapping at everyone. may s si boss. sumpong.. im reduced to a mood. yet they brave my crappy disposition to get an approval, or a comment. they face bitchy me because they need to get their jobs done.

they carefully knock on my door. and even as i show a facade so cold, they let themselves in. meekly they talk. i look at them, trying hard not to be cross or annoyed. but my tense body movements, my smileless guile give me away, anyway.

such is the pressure of the job. split second decisions need to be made. even when you just want to stop thinking. and you just want to escape.

i dont even do this for the money, to pay the bills. i do this because this is the right thing to do. this needs to be done.

this was one unusually stressful day.

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Ivor said...

wow... always be nice to your colleagues... they dont deserve to be treated badly just because you have sumpong. you did the right thing. i understand your situation. it's not their fault. :D

Anonymous said...

parang ung kinausap ko lang nung isang araw...
"Hey, how was your day? :D". Tanong ko.

Ani niya, "Shet happens."

He's 3 years old.