Sunday, July 3, 2011

winner ang weiner ni weiner

yeah. this is a tad too late. old news, actually. but his photos and this whole brouhaha just has me reflecting.

the wiener is a winner, i have to admit that. and he maintains himself pretty well. he is a few years older than me so i know it's quite an effort to maintain that AND be a congressman. but he ain't my type.

that torso shot is so grindr! actually, all the shots are reminiscent of grindr! and sometimes, even facebook.

when i first learned of the photos, i was so curious to find out how 'bad' it was. seeing these on the net surprised me. the photos are nothing so spectacularly offensive or pornographic, to my mind. it's self-promotion and narcissism, borne out of feeling great about one's looks and physical development.

and it's so like me. and hundred and thousands more like him out there. at least, this guy's got some equipment worth bragging about! and he puts pictures of himself. so many self-promoting romeos out there don't even use their own photos.

so what's all the gaga over this? well, reading the articles and arguments, i conclude that it's about the cyber infidelity. the cyber promiscuity. of an elected u.s. official. if it was just you or me, the average joes, people couldn't care less. but you got somebody like him, who campaigned and gave you all these promises, who is actually on your payroll as a taxpayer, then no less than your head is in order.

i'd like to counter-argue by saying that, hey, that's a purely personal thing. what has that got to do with performance in office? but in politics and showbiz, nothing is purely personal. and more importantly, the way they seem to look at this there in the u.s., performance in office, oh they have argued how such lapses in judgment will spill over to lapses in performance in public office.

how different it is for the philippines, methinks. if that happened here, yeah, we'd get all curious and debate and have jokes. but i dont think any elected official would get booted out or even voluntarily resign because of this. we have a clearer delineation between performance in office and personal infidelities. none the two shall meet.

so who's better off?


Anonymous said...

tnx i am curious to see pics of rumored weiner of weiner... does he have really exposed weiner pics too? lol

JohnM said...

I think its more about narcissism with emotional infidelity on the side. On the physical aspect of the issue, I do have to agree that both the crotch and chest shot is hmmm... winner! haha! On other matters Sir CC, I noticed that you have been actively posting more entries lately. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

It boils down to lack of good judgement and lack of control. The Americans demand good judgement and control from their leaders.
The Americans also expects "repectable" behaviour from their leaders, especially married ones.

skewed said...

It was the lies. I hope that changes the answer to the question

mavey said...

1. he is so my type.

2. many leaders and elite sportsmen are go getters alpha males with lots of testosterone. for him, i think the fact that he has confined it to purely online and not actually acted on it is a lot of self control already.

closet case said...

@anonymous i didnt bother to search for more pics. he aint my type. lol

@johnM thanks, yeah I am back.

@anonymous 2. lapse in judgement is what americans make of it. reminds me of the previous Phil president.

@skewed yes, the lies. to his wife? or to his constituents?

@mavey excellent POV. i can relate to that self-contol LOL