Thursday, December 3, 2009

almost sex: bombay version

writing this makes me feel a tad foolish. i've just blogged about not possibly encountering any hindu plu. then i work out at the posh health club. and as i walk out towards the lobby, still in my tank top and shorts, i encounter this cute, young employee, who had a ready smile, eager to open the glass doors for me.

what a cute smile. i walk out and glance back. did i just see him glance back, too??? so i stopped and slowed my steps. i look at him and see him glance back again, even as he moves away.

the unmistakeable look of sex. i slowly make a u-turn and follow him. he waits for me behind a pillar.

how are you, sir.
im good. thanks.
are you looking for the lift lobby?
ah yes... (tentative answer)
it's on the other side, sir.
ok. thanks. (embarrassed)
what's your room number?
its ****. (flushed at the openness)
ill go up there later.
aah. im sharing the room.
ok. go up the executive lounge and look for me.
i dont think i have access there.
go through the back entrance, the service entrance. if someone asks, just tell them you are lost.
see you. (he walks away. blows me a kiss. and disappears)

decision. decision. i can't risk looking really stupid 'getting lost' in the executive lounge. i'm so tempted. but i give it up. too much risk involved.

so i take it back. yeah, sa bawat gubat ay may ahas. :-)


Ming Meows said...

jai (w)ho(re)!

Ronnie said...

Haha. Coolness.

Johnny Cursive said...

reminds me of this Indian guy in the gym who gives every guy a sticky look. The guy indiscriminately loves Filipinos.