Saturday, November 27, 2010

x-files, case closed.

after more than a year, i have finished watching all nine seasons of x-files. i even posted when i started watching again in 2009 i like the feeling of completing tasks (my oc-oc goal orientation). it was almost like a chore watching the series, though. definitely, there were some dud episodes. and at times, i'd doze off watching.

it took me this long to finish because im not one to do series marathons. i know of friends who can hole themselves up for half a day or more to finish a season of some series they like. i could never do that. i ended up watching x-files in the car. scully and mulder became my traffic distractions. and there would be stretches (weeks, even) when i wouldn't be watching it at all. so given all of that, i give myself a pat on the back for finishing the series.

by season 7, mulder disappeared. he was replaced by agent john doggett. then eventually, agent monica reyes also joined. they eventually became THE x-files team. scully was still around as some sort of consultant, with a personal agenda (of finding out more about her baby william). i actually started to enjoy the series again with doggett primarily (robert patrick). ill always associate him with terminator 2, as the liquid mercury robot. he brought a roughness (and skepticism) to the show. monica reyes (annabelle gish) was the mulder-type now (weird, hehe). they dimensionalized scully with the maternal angle. which, for me, sort of ruined her steely-resolve, all scientific character. she became the weepy lover, pining for a missing mulder.

that alien conspiracy theory became soooo convoluted as the seasons went on. first it was just searching for evidence of aliens, to clones, to alien viruses, to super soldiers. i just got lost. however, they all summed it up very well during the very last episode. a reunion actually for most of the important characters of the series! it was nostalgic, as all series enders go. funny how they had to make some come back as 'ghosts' or 'hallucinations' of mulder. a curtain call of sorts.

next on the agenda, x-files the movie, the bomb. hehe. i wonder how that will turn out!

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howie said...

x-files is one of my all-time favorite tv shows. i didn't really like the show when duchovny left. parang may nagbago.

i liked the alien conspiracy plot though. :D