Tuesday, November 2, 2010

omg, a nomination

I would like to thank the Academy... (sniff, sniff)... for this... oh my God... this nomination. I mean... just to be nominated... to be among this prestigious list of ... oh my... (tears) ... thank you, thank you! i feel like i've won...

i received an email supposedly from the Phil Blog Awards last Oct 20. unfortunately, i just saw it yesterday because yahoo mail filed it under 'spam'. i was tickled pink (quoting @mcvie) with the nomination. and i had to respond, either accepting or rejecting the nomination. i hesitated accepting it. how can i remain anonymous if i needed to declare in that form contact details (as in real name?)? i consulted @mcvie. he told me theoretically, i could remain anonymous by using a monicker instead. and sending a proxy to receive the award (receive the award!?!? wishful thinking!) and upon consulting PC about it, i decided to accept the nomination, using a pseudonym.

i waited for a confirmation email. im still waiting.

now im realizing that it might have been a hoax. LOL. it was fun while it lasted. truly incredulous, the more i think about it. i love my blog but i know what it aint. there are just too many great well-written blogs out there. more deserving.

i feel like a winner just knowing you guys read the blog!

(applause! applause! *bows*)


Mr. Hush Hush said...

haha you deserve it CC. Your blog is enticing and so much fun to read :) hope it wasn't a hoax! hahahah

Anonymous said...

looking at the email's mistakes in spelling and grammar, I would think it's a hoax.
but for us you're still a winner cc... you deserve, at the very least, a trophy. :)

Ming Meows said...

nauubusan na yata ng matitinong blogs. peace!

sana man lang may logo para mukhang authentic yung nomination.

Désolé Boy said...

congrats CC!

Anonymous said...

wow! pano ba bomoto? sana naman may absentee voting din para kahit kaming nandito sa dubai...makatulong din, =)

Juan de la Cruz said...

congratulations dude!

like the others, i hope it isn't a hoax considering the grammatical and spelling errors. :)