Friday, November 5, 2010

The Trevor Fabcast 1

i virtually insisted on doing this fabcast. hehe. i've been watching the viral phenomenon of the Trevor Project online. (which i hope you guys are aware of. if you are not, id like to know which rock you've been hiding under. hehe) and it resonated. you'll find out why if you listen.

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music credits:

"Hey Jay" Eraserheads


Anonymous said...

It's the same in most the provinces. Kids get bullied for being soft and all. You guys talk as if all provinces are the same. You remind me of my boss who once asked if we still ride carabaos back in our province. I just jokingly told him that I actually have one in my apartment.

single-brown-gay at 40 said...

back in college a (girl) friend of mine asked me if i can talk to her gay brother who's really was getting literally 'bugbog' by her dad for being gay. i said sige papuntahin mo nalang dito (as if during that time eh meron ako magagawa) just to find out weeks after - nagpakamatay yung brother niya. i just realized na swerte pa rin most of us pero maraming katulad niya na umaabot sa ganitong situation.