Sunday, November 21, 2010

the oddly familiar

i walked inside the condo lobby, about to transact business with a tenant. i casually notice just one other guy on the sofa. he looked at me. i give him a once-over. not terrible looking. a few baths perhaps. looks like a good build though. he was slouching, his pelvis thrust upward, the crotch emphasized in the position.

i looked away and talked to the guard. as the guard was confirming the tenant's presence, i glance back at him. he is staring at me.

my heart started to beat faster. the oddly familiar feeling. the sixth sense of sex. all contained in a look.

i sat down across him to wait for my tenant. i try to steal a glance at him again. he looked around. he looked bored. but his lower limbs started moving. the adduction-abduction of the thighs. in the vernacular, Kuyakuy. freud would posit that as discreet masturbation. with him there was nothing discreet about it, at least to me. that movement was meant to coax an erection, without overtly rubbing his crotch.

the pulse continued to race. my mouth was quite dry. that adrenalin response. i stole a glance again, and caught him looking at me again.

yes, the familiar feeling. in another time and place, with another cc incarnation, the sequence of events would have led to one or the other sending overt signals. the 'come hither' look. or more crassly, the "follow me to some isolated place so we could exchange numbers or even fluids" look.

i stopped looking, quite ashamed of the feeling. but i had to recognize them as they are. i had to call them out. the person he was waiting for arrived. and they both left. the pulse started to decelerate. the feelings were subsiding, normalizing.

the feelings never really go away. i've learned to recognize, acknowledge, label the feelings. let them pass through me. no violent denials. just letting your self know that the feelings are there. but they don't have to control your actions. they don't have to be acted on. they don't have to define you. they eventually come to pass.

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PluripotentNurse said...

hi what's your work? like this story of your's quite familiar with me or should I say i also experience this sometimes :)

Tony said...

I had a conversation with Mcvie that touched on this once. The questioned he asked me then was what makes me qualify a guy as a regular fb or a person that made me consider him relationship material. My answer was that if my feelings of guilt about sleeping with another guy can overwhelm my feelings of lust, then we have a contender. Seems like PC envokes the same for you. :P

Kai said...

but that's very hard to do! Haha this is funny. I remember my own encounters. More than twice (maybe thrice) I followed a guy whom I thought was giving me the 'let's do it' glance. On all these instances I was wrong. Self-control. Self control.

Ming Meows said...

the temptation of cc. :D

Hirashi said...

yah! how would you know if the glance is the "let's do it look" and how would you approach the person? who comes first?