Monday, November 15, 2010

SAHC: Courtship Rituals

I swear it was almost like a virus. It became sooo popular among the straight guys to have a gay classmate partner. They really treated us like girls they wanted to court. And for the life of me, i couldn't imagine that i'd actually experience being courted, wooed by straight guys.

i remember vito. he was a classmate in second year. he was quite plain looking but was sincere and sweet. he do stuff like carrying my things while chatting. i so wanted to have a bike then but alas, my dad couldnt get me one. vito was so sweet to lend me his bike for the entire summer. he biked from his house in mandaluyong to 'deliver' the bike. but before getting off, he reached from his backpocket a squooshed cheeseroll. hahaha. i can't forget how sweet that was. unfortunately, i had to tell him i wasn't into him.

then there was the captain ball of the basketball team, ric. he sent feelers through friends that he wanted to court me. haha. as gorgeous as he was, i just found him too kenkoy, too much of a comic, not to be taken seriously. once he sat beside me during a general assembly in the basketball grounds. he stole a kiss. i was so pissed off i left. stupid me.

one who really pursued was gardo. he was the class toughie. tall, gang leader type. not attractive but actually well liked and very generous. he pursued a friend first but he was bluntly busted. my friend was still having his crisis. hehe. so he started courting me. and it was with him i really, really felt special.

he asked me out on dates. we even went out on a double date with nandy and his boyfriend. we went to watch angela boffill in her concert here in manila! LOL. that was quite an experience for a high school fag like me! it felt so grown-up watching concerts, going out on dates.

during class he'd send me small love notes. and sometimes chocolates. the works. but i was still not into him. though we actually had lots of fun as one big group. but i just had to be honest. he ended up with another friend, ill call him vinnie, a few months after. and throughout high school, we all felt that vinnie was in denial. but i must say that vinnie made up for it by showing us their 'hand-holding' during the graduation ceremony! SAY!

i always felt that all the courting and dating was a sort of fluke. i never knew of high school gay relationships that were THAT rampant as ours. and it wasn't even as if i was even attractive to these straight guys. it was all just part of their growing up, of trying out courting skills with us before going for the real thing - the girls.

i didnt mind at all. id always look back with a smile at the thought that i know how it feels like to be a girl... (cue in Madonna...)


Jeffrey said...

It's really surprising how in the Philippines straight guys really do this. I have even had straight guys hit on me, and I have no idea why?

You might think it was for money but I guess that is not the case after a while. ???

Ming Meows said...

bakit walang ganyan sa amin...hmmph!

mavy said...

1. i am totally confused why do you keep calling them straight.

2. damn i am jealous of you and all that attention.

3. i always thought of you as the one doing the courting and not the courted.