Monday, November 1, 2010

the Godfather

i never watched this before. intimidated that it might be too... masculine? i remember tom hanks forever quoting don corleone in one of his movies (was it you've got mail?) that sort of reinforced my idea that this is a man's movie.

but nevertheless, i dont think i should go through life not watching it. and when i saw the blu ray 'coppola restoration' compilation, well, it seemed like a very good deal.

after watching Godfather I, wow, i realized what a powerful movie it was. i could understand the testosterone attraction. it is about power, pure and simple. i am amazed at michael corleone's (al pacino) transformation. so real. so tangible. and truly, marlon brando's range of emotions trapped within his don facade deserved that oscar. i can understand how these people become alpha male role models for men.

and beyond that, al pacino is simply gorgeous here. without having to take his shirt off.

the blu ray copy is masterfully done. the audio is even high definition.

bravo. looking forward to II and III.


gibbs cadiz said...

part II's even better--richer and deeper. enjoy! :)

orally said...

I can't help but comment. The Godfather II is just as great. In fact it's my favorite among the 3 installments as it touched on the early life of the Don.
I couldn't agree more, Al Pacino is simply gorgeous. Robert de Niro auditioned for the same role but was offered that of the young Don in part II.
You might want to skip part III (save for the scene when Michael's son sang the theme Brucia La Terra) It's ok but failed to measure up with the first 2. Shet ang haba ng comment ko. Fan lang talaga ng Godfather (9-hr movie marathon)

Ming Meows said...

i will never watch that movie over my dead body

Mav said...

This was my dad's favorite. Maybe I should watch it too.

closet case said...

@ming meows you should!

@mav i highly recomm

@gibbs @orally looking forward to Godfather II

ethan h said...

In you've got mail, the reference to Godfather is the "going to the mattresses." It's what Meg Ryan's character used to go to "war" against Tom Hanks' giant bookstore chain.