Sunday, November 7, 2010

i want. i have. :-)

pc is such a gadget geek. he helped me, cajoled me, persuaded me to get the Panasonic Lumix LX5, the latest incarnation of the famer LX3. the last time i bought a camera was 6yrs ago. my Canon Powershot G3 served me so well. it was my trusted companion to europe, asia, u.s. but it was quite bulky and cumbersome to log around.

it's up for sale. ive tried to post it at, again, thanks to pc's wisdom. though i have not checked on any comments on the post.

and through, i found vendors of the brand new lumix lx5. i have to admit i was quite apprehensive about transacting with only a mobile no. pc helped me filter through the vendors using warranty offers, disclosure arrangements as filters.

he chose for me this one vendor. and i barraged her/him with messages asking about prices, accessories, etc. then we finally agreed on a meet-up time and place.

it felt like a grindr hook up. lol. "ako po yung nasa may wall na naka blue". and when i saw him, hmm, he was actually a very cute young chinese guy! even pc says so. so it was a pleasant transaction, all thanks to welcome to the digital marketplace!

i wont speak with finality. i have yet to finish my 7-day full replacement warranty. but so far, the camera is working perfectly, with all the camwhoring we've been doing.

and ending on a great note, a site voted the lumix lx5camera of the year!

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Anonymous said...

so, how's it? imma ask one for christmas... :D