Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nutrition counselling. the frustration.

im on my seventh week of the program. after six weeks, i have managed to lose... tadah ... 3 lbs when i started. three freaking pounds. last week, my body fat% went down to 19.1% from 22.6%. then it went up again to 20.2% wtf? and this is me doing all that i can to stick to the diet.

i've been a very good student. i've actually lowered my average calorie intake to the 1,500 daily. and i've improved on the quality of my meals (balanced, less fat). even the nutritionist congratulated me. yet figures speak for themselves. minimal progress. and my own figure, looking at the mirror, confirms. belly fat still there, specially in the belly button and around the obliques.

ive increased my running to 3x/week, at about 15-20km per week. and of course, my training remains super regular. and i've managed to increase my poundage at certain exercises.

yet. yet. the results are disappointing. i've begun to dread fridays when i consult with her and she measures me. oh well.

in my frustration, i ended up with this buffet for dinner saturday. i indulged. i felt good then guilty. sounds familiar? LOL. if it's not sex, it's food. LOL


mave said...

wait ... you CANNOT be 20% body fat?!
not with the way you look now?

Anonymous said...

this must be SPIRAL at Sofitel.

hondafanboi said...

have you checked out the concept behind P90X? made me get rid of the bad things am packin, dramatically.

Tony said...

@mave: errr I was at 20% body fat when I had my abs (those were the days).

@cc: keep at it! don't give up. The body has a funny way of adjusting. Sometimes fat measurements are inaccurate. Water has a way of messing with electonic body fat analysis. The manual body fat gauge is also inaccurate at time because of the skin thickness (along with the fat under them) can be tricky. There is of course the body type to consider as well.... So yeah, don't be overly critical. As long as you show progress in cardio and overall strength then it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Go back to South Beach Diet. It is the only one that produced good results for me and I have tried several other diets before. All my blood tests now are good and my doctor is happy. Good luck.

Ming Meows said...

naku! be patient cc!

Guyrony said...

Mussels are considered aphrodisiacs.

No wonder you have a large appetite for...


Quentin X said...

@Guyrony: Have not heard of mussels as aphrodisiacs. I've heard some claims about oysters. I am not sure it is true either.
@cc: you can't be 20% body fat. It looks like you have a flatter belly than me. My boday fat flactuates between 9 and 13% on my Omron bathroom scales.

Agent Bakulaw said...

I still prefer low-carb diets over the "traditional" ones. You should try doing your cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 40 to 50 mins. Cardio must be done at low-intensity (120 to 130 beats per minute) to minimize muscle loss especially if you are on a low-carb diet. Maybe you could include a fat burner such as Nutrex Lipo-6.

Consumption of allocated carbs should be concentrated pre and post workout.

As for your workout, you should be doing a full-body workout with reps ranging from 12 to 15 reps. This should be done every other day. You should be dripping with sweat during your workouts. If not, your not doing it intensely enough.

Arwind said...

Haha in my opinion though, food > sex.

Isko ka din? Hello!

Dropping by,

single-brown-gay at 40 said...

be patient lang...i started last december at 180lb and last october officially i am 147lbs with matching pt and diet and all the works yan pero may taba pa din na konti sa mid section. sabi ko nga kung kinaya ko na yan eh trabahuhin ko na yung nalalabing taba :)