Sunday, January 11, 2009

the blogger and his reader

i must admit that some of the comments ive gotten have gotten to me. 'it's like seeing a friend waste his life'... 'but obviously you need a life..'.... 'it makes me go "argggh... not another sex story!"'. i was inclined to defend my style, my lifestyle, heck my life, even. i wanted to say 'hey guys, you dont really know me.' im not just my blog. there's more to me.

and then i realize that i think the same way too about the blogs i read. if i didnt know mcvie personally, id probably think that he is just a guy with too much time on his hands after the bath house. or that mgg is such a horny guy so totally into collecting cute guys pictures or something. and it could go on and on.

so in the end, i dont blame readers for thinking this or that way about the blogger, or in my case, about cc. in the absence of other information, we readers are really left with just the blog as basis for understanding the person behind the blog.

rather, id like to say thank you for such comments. because i'd like to read those comments as comments of concern or even care rather than derision.


Ming Meows said...

true. it's not who we are. it's just what we write.

closet case said...

amen! =)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Funny how people think they can judge you based on posts...and do it ANONYMOUSLY! Cowards. (Sorry. But people like that just get to me.)

joelmcvie said...

But, but, but... I'm the horny bee-atch, not MGG!

closet case said...

ganun, mcvie?