Friday, January 16, 2009

Earn It. Don't Flaunt It.

I have a colleague, a mid-level manager, who just joined the company. Generally nice and jovial, very efficient, he was well liked initially. Until they saw that jokes could get to him (pikon) and that he becomes 'nasty' when he's pissed. one time, during a fit, he texted some of his colleagues with a stern message that ended with "signed, Sir _____". now that text raised a lot of eyebrows in the office.

you see, though people address me as Sir Cc in the office, i don't use the 'title' (Sir) on written communications to refer to myself. i don't feel comfortable doing it because the position should speak for itself, i dont have to 'carry my own pedestal' (is there an English translation of 'nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko'?)

in essence, the culture of the company is built on this. and the people appreciate this gesture of humility. and they are appalled when people 'push their weight around'.

i have always believed that respect in the corporate setting still needs to be earned. assuming a certain post or title would of course confer a degree of respect dictated by social norms. but you would still need to 'earn' that respect from your colleagues through competence, and showing as much respect to others, regardless of where they are in the hierarchy. that earned respect precedes you. even before you speak, people are already receptive, even eager to hear what you have to say. and your directions, your guidance are better accepted and followed.

earn that respect and you will not need to punctuate your messages with "signed, Sir _____"


joelmcvie said...

Everyone should address him as Sir Pikon. =)

Marco said...

I could be wrong but I think you could use, "tooting your own horn" to mean the same thing. But then again, I'm not so sure.

And yes, I agree that it's not really something that should be done. On an almost similar note, I know of a boss who actually uses the phrase "it's my money, just do it" on a number of occasions.

Ming Meows said...

yang mga ganyang tao hindi yan magtatagal

closet case said...

hahaha right, you are, mcvie!

ah yes. tooting your own horn. that means being acrobatic in certain ways, though. HAHAHA. thanks, marco

well, if he learns his lesson, baka tumagal rin siya. i actually told him about it. and he got my drift.

Marco said...

Hahaahahahaha We should all be so limber.