Friday, January 30, 2009

return to eden

i was here two years ago, at the Eden Nature Park & Resort in Davao City. It's 2,600m above sea level. the place still looks the same, maintained. of course the rooms are a bit older. but you really shouldnt expect 7-star amenities. it's your own private Baguio City. Pine trees, cool climate, hiking trails. my vista cottage overlooks a canopy of rainforest foliage. and you can hear the rumbling of a shallow brook below. that background sound amidst the chirps of birds and mating calls of insects. =)

really peaceful actually. i saw a young hetero couple in the dining area. i wonder if this is the place for honeymooning couples though. well, if you are both the outdoorsy type. because you are confined to just going around the place. and a day tour will accomplish that pretty much.

its 1016am and i still feel so serene. all i want to do is to share this with you. and sleep to nature sounds. =)

it's worth a visit, an overnighter at least, if ever you are in davao city.


Ming Meows said...

next time, invite me naman dyan hehe

Teddy Penaranda said...

im from dvo...bin in eden only once tho...truly peaceful. its really apt to be called eden.

london boy said...

kainggit naman!

closet case said...

sure, m_m...kaso matagal pa yun! hehe

hello teddy! from the land of durian! hiluvet! thanks!

hey london boy! you should do a lot of traveling locally when you get back..