Saturday, January 17, 2009

BUI: almost sex

the thrill is really in the chase. i just feel so powerful right now. i was at a friend's bar, a place i haven't visited in weeks. i visit to return some things borrowed. there was a small crowd. nice for a friday night drink. i pretty much know most of the people at the bar. except for one.

i like dimples. and he had them... deep ones. and while we were all drinking beer, he was downing juice. he's sick 'raw'. and i check him out. cute. young and cute.

it was a slow-paced cruise. i didnt want the entire bar to know i was on to him. and we were talking, as he followed me to the john. yeah. he is cute.

soon, we were flirting with each other. i was rubbing my crotch against his leg. i could feel his hand caressing me on m chest.

we soon exchanged numbers. and set a date when we would have fun. definitely not tonight, i told him. because he is feeling under the weather. and i was not about to exchange body fluids with him.

he's half my age. literally. sheesh. they are getting younger and younger.

my friend hugs me as i say goodbye and whispers in my ear: once a winner, always a winner. that cruising scene was so empowering. it's like getting what i want all the time.

almost sex but not quite. but i dont feel 'bitin' at all. i actually feel great.


Ming Meows said...

yan ka magaling eh. sa flirt! hehehe

borg_queen said...

What does BUI mean?

closet case said...

yeah. the flirting game is really intoxicating, ming. its not a 100% sure thing, though.

BUI - "blogging under influence" ... of alcohol =)

the spy in the sandwich said...

oh god. i soooo know this feeling :)

Julius said...

hope the guy you flirted is not connected with migs... mukhang apektado yata sya, heheh!!!

world peace!

closet case said...

hey spy! heady feeling, yes? =)

hi julius! no, he isnt. and migs is just being migs! hehe

Jason said...

OMG. I could never quite put it into words, but this is exactly how I feel when I'm out on the prowl/ getting prowled! My friends never got it, but this is what I meant all along! I always saw it as a power struggle, something you can gloat to your ego when you get home.

That's until all the flirtmates (if you may call them that) turned up in the same bar over and over again. Then you just lose interest. Much needed bubble-bursting.