Sunday, January 11, 2009

detail, detail

im really quite oc-oc (obsessive compulsive). i like things to be neat and orderly. i cant help it. i get a headache when things are topsy-turvy, when objects are not properly arranged. i got it from my mom. she definitely trained us to be neat about our things.

if at first i resented having to clean up, now, all grown-up, i dont. i value these things highly. and i realize that this attitude is also essential to being a good manager.

this need for order, related to a need for control makes me attentive to detail. i love pouring over details, anticipating scenarios to make sure that everything goes smoothly. it makes me want to be on top of things, to be informed of developments. i hate surprises, especially those that could have been anticipated, with enough thought and consideration.

that's another piece of advice i'd give to those wanting to move up the corporate ladder. develop that knack for detail, for being in control. yes, it's borderline neurosis but it shows your bosses your concern for the project, for the business. you just want everything to be the right the first time, to do the right things rather than doing things right.

as you develop that, you will also need to develop the habit NOT to micro-manage. you shouldnt have to do the things your direct reports do. that's their job, not yours. it's a fine line. but its a line worth making.

detail, detail, people. think about it. =)


Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly OC, but I can't work with a cluttered desk. A book I read before mentions that a cluttered desk is a sure sign of a cluttered mind.

The bitch is in the details. This applies to everything. Take a look at aspect of life, the fine details always takes longer than the framework.

~Carrie~ said...

wow. can i make a request? can you write more stuff about succeeding in the corporate environment, mr cc? your entry made me realize that aside from lack of assertion, i need to learn a lot to even lead a team. i've been a support staff for years and i want to step up. what is the ingredients of your success, mr cc? pls share more insights. thanks!

closet case said...

'bitch is in the details' - mcvie is in the details? LOL true true, lobster!

hi carrie. will definitely post more thoughts on the topic. i wont get too personal on the details, though. hahaha expect more posts! thanks for reading!

Jowjow of NYC said...

I definitely with this post. Everything has its place and everything in its place. . . I do live by that.

Isn't there a saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness?

jamie said...

does this mean all bosses are really OC? is it really an advantage in one's work? that's one of the things i noticed from my own superiors as well. what if you get too caught up in the details, but fail to see the big picture, because of tunnel vision?

closet case said...

hey jowjow! nice to know you share this POV! i dont know about Godliness but i can't stand dirt and disorder! hehehe

hi jamie! i believe it is an advantage. but the pitfall is exactly as you mentioned - tunnel vision. there in lies the challenge or even the paradox: how do you maintain attention to detail AND see the big picture? and i believe that is where maturity matters!

Jowjow of LIC said...

Yeah, Godliness was kind of a stretch. Janice de Belen, the quotation queen, was my favorite while I was growing up (meant to be funny! lol). I felt the need to throw in quotations after quotations.

Details and Big Picture - conflicting ideas but things that we need to balance. You cannot just look at the big picture. The minute details make up one big picture isn't it? True, maturity and experience will tell you how much details to look at and how much big picture you need to focus on. You need to know which small details will MATTER. Just throwing my 5 cents in!