Saturday, January 17, 2009

'pretty woman' all over again

i'm watching 'pretty woman'. i enjoyed this movie eons ago. and im watching it again, with different eyeballs. diamond in the rough meets diamond cutter. rich, powerful edward lewis. gets into this 'escort transaction' with pretty hooker he meets by chance. she becomes trophy date. of course it turns into romance later, as she proves to be a truly beautiful person inside and out.

im a sucker for transformations and make-overs. from julia in pretty woman to anne hathaway in devil wears prada. love the way they become just awesome with the right combination of expensive apparel and hair & make-up! =) bading na bading

im fantasizing about making a similar business proposition to ec (eye candy). for a fee, ec acts as my gorgeous date in certain functions, particularly where there is a gaggle of badings around. the guy doesnt really need a make-over but i'd still like to dress him up, be my 'ken' doll. and i'd bring him to parties and just make the badings turn green. that's what trophies are for. let me correct a potential misimpression, though. ec's not 'for hire'. he just needs additional income but he doesnt do tricks.

behind this, im actually both power-tripping and feeling hmm lonely. there, i said it. yeah. the power-trip part is where i know i have all the phone numbers in my cell i could just dial for a relationship. and as i bui'd this morning, its quite easy to hook up. but on the other hand, none of them would really fill the need. because they all have this expectation. and going out with them again will just send the wrong signals.

so im back to square one. id rather pay for company, so to speak. no emotional entanglements. yet i hit more birds with one stone (i get to be with a gorgeous guy, stare at him for the entire time and be the envy of most badings) power-trip. what money could do. as if i had all the money.

but as the movie goes, the emotions do get entangled. and not always in that beautiful cinematic ending.

so im back to just enjoying the movie. hehehe


Ming Meows said...

hay iba na talaga ang nagagawa ng pera

Julius said...

money can't buy everything but will make you happy... pahingi naman, pang load lang!

Anonymous said...

if i were you, i will be very sad but you are you.

joelmcvie said...

CC, sabi nga nila, "Relax, see a movie." =)

trey said...

i think you can have his company without paying for it.

unless your trip is also into being with an escort.

closet case said...

marami talagang nagagawa ang pera, ming!!!

hi julius! hahaha

why will you be so sad, anonymous one?

KOREK, mcvie! so very REGAL!

its not so much my trip, trey. its just that by 'paying for his company' i ensure that he will be attending the activity, and it doesnt get weird and emo.