Sunday, January 11, 2009

poker and love

life is like a card game, a poker game. its part luck, with the cards that you get... and part skill, with the way you play your hand, whatever cards you got, maximizing the mix to maximize the chance of winning.

i'm considering the analogy as relevant even with loving relationships. ive been single for almost a year now. im tempted to defensively say 'single by choice'. but im now thinking that i didnt have much choice.

meeting that special someone, the 'effing one', as gibbs so nicely puts it, im starting to believe, is beyond me. reality check, using the poker game analogy: i just havent gotten the 'card' yet. ive gotten great cards when it comes to career, to family, to friendships. but i havent gotten lucky when it come to the 'love card'. and i might not even get that card anymore. tough luck. but the game is just half chance, the other half is about skill in playing your hand.

ill just have to make sure that im playing my cards the best way possible: im maximizing opportunities to become better, to be a nicer person, to achieve success not just for myself but for the people around. and i take out those 'cards' the pull me down. and i remain open to chance... that the love card might just come my way one of these days. and it could come from nowhere, from somewhere least expected.

but meanwhile, i play the hand the best that i could. my happiness, my fulfillment should be with the 'here and now'. and ultimately it really is. it's not at the end of the road, happiness is along the way.

love may or may not come my way. but that doesnt mean that my peace and happiness will or will not happen. my joy, my peace is already here. =)


neo said...

agree... we don't need a partner to be happy but it definitely makes our life worth living for ;-)

may you find what you're looking for...

closet case said...

hi neo. thanks for the comment!

and as for finding what im looking for... im not looking! hehehe

or rather, may he find me! LOL

london boy said...

yes, don't hurry too much.

just take your time.

searching for love shouldn't be a source of frustration and sadness.


london boy said...

btw, i love the letter on your cards :)