Thursday, January 22, 2009

such fortuitous times

e are so blessed to be living in such historic times. so many things are happening in our lifetime: the fall of communism and its symbols (Berlin Wall), turn of the century, turn of the millennium, turnover of technologies. we've outlasted dictatorships, papacies. and now we have witnessed the first colored president of the U.S.

obama's inaugural speech.

i would never have thought i would live to see this day.


Ming Meows said...

obama is a good speaker. period.

borg_queen said...

Add to that list WW3. It IS coming.

closet case said...

may katarayan ang ming meows! hehe!

scary, b_q! i was just surfing online about nostradamus!!!

borg_queen said...

Forget Nostradamus. Go to and search for the following:


Lindsey Williams

Peter Schiff

Gerald Celente

Anonymous said...

at last. he is facing a lot of problems but since Bush was the worst president ever, i pray that Obama will be the best president ever.