Friday, September 17, 2010


i was introduced to the term by this cute prof. my understanding: use of celebrities in non-show biz endeavors like political campaigns. politics becomes celebrified.

im going to be liberal in my use of the term. ill include how online personalities like bloggers become minor minor celebrities, or how they become celebrified (celebri-fried?)

the original troikasters: miggs, gibbs, mcvie, have been celebrified. when we were in cebu, another fabcast listener commented that miggs was such a celebrity.

it becomes so heartwarming to see how they have their own following (fan base?) who religiously update themselves on their status and posts.

this is one great thing about web 2.0. that this digital self expression has allowed people to access other 'ordinary' people and find stories, ideas that resonate with themselves. inadvertently, perhaps, communities blossom organically around such common interests. and just like real communities, heroes evolve, too. people you idolize and look up to. hometown heroes. local celebrities. nowhere near the magnitude of 'real' celebrities but idolized and admired nonetheless.

ordinary people are suddenly not so ordinary in their little virtual communities. just like an mgg, a gibbs, a mcvie! i wonder how they feel about their celebrity status!

conversely, the internet has made 'real' celebrities much more accessible, bringing them closer to earth. as i was browsing my fb profile, fb was 'suggesting' to me to befriend some celebrities! i was surprised to know that i have 14 mutual friends with robby taroza, 6 with monique wilson, and so on and so forth. suddenly, with one click, im able to see their photos, their posts and shout outs. and twitter, of course, does that, too. claudine barretto's complaints. sam milby's musings.

so as some are celebrified, some are brought closer. a form of democratization?

in a world like this, where celebrities become a dime a dozen, will celebrities eventually lose their luster and become mere mortals? what will become of our need to idolize, to admire and to worship?

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Joey said...

CC - I know you do not hide your age from the raiders. But I just find it amusing to see examples of celebrities in your FB network (Robby Taroza and Monique Wilson).

BTW - I started following your blog a year ago when you have not broken the 100 followers mark. I see that you're close to 200. Time to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

di man ako nakakapag-comment every post, pero i idolize u same with the troikasters... gustong gusto ko ang mga points of view mo sa fabcast.

ur dubai reader

joelmcvie said...

Honey, you are an online celebrity in your own right.