Monday, September 13, 2010

cebu, salamat!

we are back in manila. most of us are. im happy about the turn out of the threesome launch. it gave me a glimpse of the cebu plu community, of which i still
l cannot ascertain its size. the interaction we had with them was admittedly very limited.

manila and cebu. i believe we were still both unsure of each other. we were still assessing each other. a few cross-overs were admirable! many of us wanted to reach out. but in the end, the time was too short.

the experience just challenges us to continue what we have started. to continue to reach out and build bridges.

to cebu and your wonderful representatives, daghang salamat! i'd love to experience your friendship much more!

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Nimmy said...

i'm looking at the Cebu booklaunch pix. hinuhulaan ko kung sino ka sa mga andun. nyahaha

Mac Callister said...

never been to cebu...pero madami n akong friends na galin cebu,mababait sila and sweet!