Monday, September 6, 2010

SAHC: kilabot ng mga bading

back in my time, the term 'kilabot ng mga kolehiyala' was part of the vernacular. it referred to the super-hot guy who could make the college girls swoon and drop their panties without resistance. hence, this guy must be 'feared'.

in our batch, there were quite a number of cuties and hotties, but i have to admit that chris was probably the kilabot. he was a varsity football player. broad shouldered, tapered waist and hips. strong legs. strong jaw and chin. chinito. and since he wore glasses, he was our version of clark kent/superman.

when he first started being 'cute' with me, (pa-cute kung baga), my first impulse was to be aloof. he was too gorgeous to be taken seriously, i thought. but soon, he became serious. we'd talk over the phone. meet after class. he'd walk me to my ride. the things that make a girl's (and a gel's) knees weak.

we even went out on dates. an ice cream date then was such a big deal.

and i knew i was the envy of badingdom. i would share the juicy details to nathan, to nandy and gerry, more for bragging rights than anything else.

and when i finally answered him, i was really feeling like a girl. he'd really treat me specially. there were times he'd visit me in the house. i remember a saturday afternoon in his house, listening to music. making out. (but not having sex)

i can't recall now why we broke up. but we did. and i didnt really feel so bad about it. i was so sure of myself then.

chris became close to beth next. and soon they were an item. and beth fell for him so bad that until now, yes until now, i believe he carries a torch for him! when that relationship went south, chris became chummy with nathan. and they also became a couple. and nathan fell hard for him, too. though i think nathan got over him after college.

i look back at him and think to myself that he was quite a catch then. and i wear it like a badge that i was the first he pursued.

some friends say that he is a shadow of what he was then. no matter. it's the memory of chris that i'd like to keep fresh.

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