Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a charming conversation

while on the plane...
mcvie: migs and i were talking about charm. we both agreed how naturally charming ____ could be, being so inquisitive. and then we started analyzing the charm factor of the others in the group, like you, lobster.
lobster: really? so what about me?
mcvie: yours is a studied kind of charm
cc: ouch, that's not very flattering!
mcvie: nothing wrong with that, cc! studied in the sense that lobster knows what charms the person he talks to and just turns it on.
(im thinking to myself whether that is really not so bad.)
mcvie: and so are you, cc! yours is also a studied charm.
mcvie: ive seen you with your charm off. when we talk about naturally chafming, its like its always on. so effortless. yours is not like that.
(ouch again)
mcvie: but since you know that you could charm, when you do see a person you like, you go on a charm offensive. its like you turn it all the way up.
(since you put it That way!)

charm. i wouldnt use the term on me, really. ive never felt i was 'charming'. i 'flirt' but im not 'charming'. i agree with them that charm has to be natural. so i dont agree on the 'studied' charm. that sounds ahmmm manipulative to me, pretentious and insincere.

so for me, its either you are charming or you are not. and i am not BUT i know how to flirt. flirting is deliberate. a skill i wanted to learn. and if im known as a flirt, then i know i must have been successful at learning the craft.

i guess when they think im being charming to someone, im actually flirting.

yeah... this sounds like an uninspired post. LOL

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Guyrony said...

CC, a flirt?

Heaven forbid!

You practically invented the word.


paci said...

too child-like of a word - charm. hehehe. how about charisma?

Bleeding Angel said...

aw ganun pala yun hehehe...

Anonymous said...

I remember I used to see CC in one of the spa's in QC. I think hes wrong when he said that he never considered himself as charming. He has this certain kind of charm that illicit an interest whether he's just in a towel or just wearing shirt sans bottom. We never get to know each other back then, I think both of us is not courageous enough to approach each other or he is not just interested. Oddly enough, I still remember that what really caught my attention is of him having a stocky build that gives him certain kind of cuteness. And the chest and deltoids is to die for. That was maybe five or six years ago. The last time i heard CC is now ripped and leaner. I will remain anonymous and will continue to be charmed from the distance.

joelmcvie said...

"yeah... this sounds like an uninspired post"

Grasping at straws, CC? Hahaha. How charming. ;-)

TBR said...

charming is one letter away from charing. wehe.